Brothers Grimm with a Social Media Twist

Published: May 2nd, 2017

Category: News

When something is a classic it will live on forever because it is just that good. However, there is no rule that states that a classic can’t be updated to fit what is occurring in the present day. This is exactly the aim of the Toledo Ballet‘s latest production, Tales of Grimm (Based on the Stories from Grimm’s Fairy Tales…Sorta). What this Ohio group is doing is retelling the classic Grimm tales that we all know and love with a modern update. By channeling such works as Hansel and GretelRumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel and others the Toledo Ballet demonstrates how there is always room to infuse new life into a popular work. Fairy tales feature narratives that many think are for children, but in fact, the best fairy tales are multi-faceted and have insight that people of all ages can enjoy. With its latest work Toledo Ballet has combined ballet, theater, modern technology and even breaks the fourth wall – This all sounds so interesting that we don’t even know which hashtag would be appropriate to express their innovation!


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